the company LTD "Star Energy" first national producer solar collector with vacuum tube in Ukraine !!

The Society with limited liability "Star Energy registration certificate 35049029 from 30.03.07г is organized on base of the branch MP "Tekom".  
MP "Tekom", is registered in 1992, State license 100835 are issued Odesskoy regional state administration, concerns with by all means of repair-building work in vein and industrial buildings. Since 2003 in MP "Tekom" was formed branch, concerning with alternative energy in particular solar (the solar photoelectric module and installing the solar hot water-supply and supports of the heating). 
STAR ENERGY concern with sale, development project, installation and servicing the solar systems of the hot water-supply (SSGV) and heating on the base vacuum solar collector, as well as design and install photoelectric (фотовольтаика) of the system autonomous and reserve supply.
Proposed by us product will without fall interest one, wants to spare before 80% at preparation of hot water and before 60% on system of the heating at support by means of solar vacuum collector. As well as people, which use new technologies allowing save the surrounding ambience and natural facility for future mankind.
The Solar system requires the single of the embedding since period of the usages not less 25 years and recoupment of the embedding from 3 before 7 years. 
Our enterprise works both with private citizen, and with organization of the different property categories. Proposed by us product has a certificates quality and corresponds to all world standard.

At the point developments our Company is interested in cooperation with foreign company, which concern with the production and realization of the equipment for solar systems.

We shall Consider, offered by You, variants cooperation!

Respectfully yours, director LTD "STAR ENERGY"


Приоритетным направлением выставки VIRA UKRAINE! является современное высокотехнологичное строительство в Украине. На выставке представлены: · энергосберегающие технологии в строительстве · альтернативные источники энергии · отопительные системы и технологии · инженерные системы в строительстве · каркасно-модульные дома · умные дома Как всегда отдельного внимания заслуживает стенд первого национального производителя солнечных вакуумных коллекторов СВК - ТМ Стар Энержи
14 СЕНТ.
14-16 сентября 2016 началась выставка Энергосфера по адресу: МорВокзал г. Одесса, ул. Приморская, 6 При входе на выставку, задает тон раскрывая все грани энергосбережения и тему альтернативных источников, стенд компании Стар Энержи - первого национального производителя солнечных вакуумных коллекторов.